About Blurbshow

Blurbshow.com is a video sharing platform that allows user and business communities to learn more about the businesses in their area through its location and category based search. Local businesses can post promotional videos about their products and services by category, location, subcategory, and/or company. In turn, users can search on that same criteria and find information in the form of an online video profile about the businesses in their area that have the products/services they are looking for. If you are a business owner and don't see a category/subcategory that fits your specific product or service, email us and we will add it to the list.

Users can use Blurbshow.com to search for information in the form of online videos about the products and services they are interested in using the following criteria:

  • Category
  • Region (State or area)
  • Products/Services (Subcategory)
  • Company
  • Combination of all the above mentioned criteria
  • Keywords

Creating a business video profile with Blurbshow.com provides:
  • A platform where users who are looking for products and services can locate your specific product or service through a location and category based search capability
  • A place to optimize the use of your promotional video content to engage users who are interested in the products and services you have to offer
  • An ability for you as the advertiser to choose how long you want to post your promotional video(s) which can coincide with a specific promotional campaign
  • Blurbshow.com's administration can create a customized search to help users find your specific product or service (i.e. Category: Furniture, Subcategory: Metal Furniture or Category: Jewelry, Subcategory: Urban Hip Hop Fashion Jewelry, etc.)
  • Since Blurbshow.com's administration screens each promotional video submitted against the Terms of Service which prohibits profane, indecent, and otherwise objectionable content you can be assured your advertisement is among a universe of "clean" video content

You can create your video profile on Blurbshow.com by registering and activating an account for only $199 annually which includes the ability to upload unlimited videos (Youtube and/or Vimeo). If you host your business videos on another video hosting service just email us and we’ll look into the process of how to add the service

Email or call us at 908 485-6172 for questions or requests to add a specific product or service category.

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